Creation of a cylindrical, pentomino based puzzle. In order to complete the puzzle, players would have to build inner and outer structure by filling in the gaps until complete tower is finished.

To adjust pentominoes to the curved surface of the cylinder, they had to be curved as well. 12 different, free pentominoes produced 35 different curved shapes. Curved shapes reduced the number of their unique rotational positions thus reducing possible number of combinations. To solve this problem inner elements were created to interlock with outer layer. Altogether, around 50 different shapes were designed.


In order to test all of the pieces and find the maximum number of unique solutions* a licensed software was used. Total number of all possible unique solutions found across 4 levels is 22,069, with 507,587 eliminated duplicates.

*Unique solutions do not take into consideration reflected or inverted version of the same solution, i.e. duplicates, considering the three-dimensional nature of this jigsaw. Duplicates of each unique solution are counted as one and the same solution.


Final puzzle design consists of base with central post, 5 inner and 10 outer pieces.